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Welcome and Introduction

The Government and people of Papua New Guinea, warmly welcome all Senior Officials and participants to the APEC Policy Partnership on Women in the Economy (PPWE) and the High-Level Meeting on Human Capacity Building (HLM-HCB).

PPWE provides a mechanism to integrate gender consideration into APEC activities, as well as providing policy advice on gender issues and supports gender equality, relevant to the APEC process.

PPWE was established at the Senior Officials Meeting 2 in Big Sky, Montana in the United States in May 2011, and combined the former APEC Gender Focal Point Network (GFPN) and the private sector-oriented Women's Leadership Network (WLN), thus creating a single public-private entity to streamline and elevate the influence of women's issues within APEC.

The broad goal of PPWE is to provide linkages between APEC working groups, APEC member economies and the APEC Secretariat to advance the economic integration of women in the APEC region for the benefits of all members.

General issues of discussion normally include topics such as, access to capital; access to markets; capacity and skills building; and women's leadership, and this will be highlighted during the 3-5 May 2015 meeting.

The High-Level Meeting on Human Capacity Building (HLM-HCB), to be held from 6 – 7 May 2015, builds on from the earlier High Level Meeting on Human Capacity Building held in Beijing, China in May 2001. Its theme then, was "Bridging the Digital Divide and expanding internet access; setting up life-long Education and Building a learning society, among others".

Its main objectives being, to , highlight the role of human resources in economic and social development; to bring up the need for new development strategies and build up on the collaboration in human resource development; and demonstrate the contribution of human resources towards the attainment of inclusive growth through enhanced human capital formation, education and training.

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