Immigration and Citizenship

Eligibility for PNG Citizenship

Eligibility for PNG Citizenship (Section 67 of the National Constitution)
A person who has resided continuously in the country for at least eight (8) years may apply to the Minister responsible for Citizenship matters to be naturalized as a Citizen, and the Minister may, if he is satisfied as to the matters there in, in his deliberate judgment but subject to the advice of the Committee, grant or refuse the application.

To be eligible for naturalization, a person must:

  • be of good character;
  • intend to reside permanently in the country;
  • unless prevented by physical or mental disability, to speak and understand Tok Pisin or Hiri Motu, or a vernacular of the country, sufficiently for normal conversational purpose;
  • have a respect for the customs and cultures of the country;
  • be unlikely to be or become a charge on public funds;
  • have a reasonable knowledge and understanding of the rights, privileges, responsibilities and duties of citizenship; and
  • renounce in such manner as is prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament, any other citizenship and make the Declaration of Loyalty.

If an applicant for naturalization so requests, any child of the applicant who is under voting age at the time when the applicant is naturalized becomes a citizen by naturalization on the naturalization of the applicant.

Application for Citizenship by Naturalization

Application for Naturalization (Section 69 of the Constitution)
Subject to Subsection, an application for naturalization under Section 67 (citizenship by naturalization) must be made

  • In the case of a person who has resided continuously in the country for eight (8) years or more before independence Day- within two months after independence Day; and
  • In the case of any other person-within two months after the completion by him of Eight (8) years continuous residence in the country

Where in his opinion it is just to do so, the Minister responsible for citizenship matters may in his deliberate judgment,(but subject to Division 4 (Citizenship Committee) extend the periods referred to in Subsection (1) where he is satisfied that,

  • The person was unaware of the provisions of subsection (1); or
  • There are specific circumstances.

An applicant for citizenship by naturalization shall complete three forms:

  • 1. Application for PNG Citizenship Form;
  • 2. Application for Citizenship by Naturalization Form; and
  • 3. The Personal Particulars Form

Inclusion of Children in Application
Children may be included in a parent's application for citizenship provided that the children are under seventeen (17) years of age at the time of application. Children of seventeen (17) years and over must submit a separate application for citizenship by naturalization.

Application Requirements
An applicant for Citizenship must provide the following:

  • four (4) passport size photographs;
  • four (4) references from automatic Papua New Guinea Citizens who have known the applicant for at least two (2) years, certifying as to the character and suitability of the applicant for citizenship;
  • a copy of the applicant's Birth and Marriage Certificate (if applicable);
  • copies of educational qualifications e.g. Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Masters, etc.; and
  • a Statement of Assets, Liabilities, Investments, business interests and savings accounts both within and outside Papua new Guinea, indicating their values and locations. (These details will be kept in strict confidence).

Fees for Citizenship Application
The cost for application for Citizenship by Naturalization is K10,000.00 and must be paid at the Vulupindi Haus, Ground floor.

Applying for a PNG Passport

Passport Application Form Download

Applications should be completed at least 3 weeks before applicant intends leaving Papua New Guinea.

Where To Apply:
Applications for PNG Travel Documents should be lodged with the PNG Immigration & Citizenship Service Authority head office, Moale Haus, Waigani.

Applicants outside Port Moresby should send postal applications to:

PNG Passports Branch
PNG Immigration & Citizenship Service Authority
P.O. Box 1790

Alternatively, provincial applicants can submit their application to the Collector of Customs at the various PNG ports.

Note: A separate application must be completed by each person.

The fee for a Passport is K100. This must be paid at your nearest cash office and a receipt there of must be attached to your application. Please note that additional fees apply for fast processing, or re-issue of lost, stolen or damaged passports. The full list of applicable fees may be found here.

Collection Of Passport:
Agents may not collect Passports on behalf of clients. Your Passport will be forwarded by registered post unless you elect to collect it personally.

Change Of Name:
If you have changed your name, provide details of all previous names used.

Previous Travel Documents:
You must attach your previous travel document unless it has been lost, stolen or destroyed.

Evidence Of Citizenship:
Your application should be accompanied by evidence of your citizenship. Attachment 'A' on page 4 of the "Application for a PNG Passport" should be completed in this respect. Your birth certificate or Citizenship Certificate, and in the case of married women, your marriage certificate, should be submitted.

Certificate Regarding Applicant:
The certificate on page 3 of the "Application for a PNG Passport" in respect of every application must be completed. The following persons are authorised to furnish this certificate Lawyers, Medical Practitioners, Magistrates, Ministers of Religion, Commissioner of Oaths, Commissioned Officers of the Defence Force and Police Force. The person completing the certificates must have known the applicant for at least three years. It is essential that the person who signed the Certificate Regarding Applicant on page 3 should also endorsed the back of one photograph as follows:

'I certify this to be a genuine photograph of (name in full)', and sign.

Consent Of Parents:
Applicants under 17 years of age must furnish the consent of their parents or legal guardians on Page 2 of the "Application for a PNG Passport" form.

With your application you should submit two recent photographs. These should be head and shoulders only, taken ‘Full Face’ without hat or tinted glasses and with a light coloured background. All photographs should be within the dimensions of 35 mm x 45 mm. It is essential that the person who signed the Certificate Regarding Applicant on page 3 should also endorse at the back of one photograph as follows:

'I certify this to be a genuine photograph of (name in full)', and sign.

The Declaration on page 3 of the "Application for a PNG Passport" form must be signed by the applicant, or in the case of a child unable to sign, by the lodging parent or legal guardian.


  • The applicant must sign both of the small signature labels using a ball-point pen. Please take care to stay within the borders marked.
  • If the applicant is unable to sign, put a line through both of the small signature labels.

Filling in the form:
The form is fillable within Adobe Reader - you can type the details directly into the form and then print it out. To ensure best results, make sure you have the current version of Adobe Reader

If you do not wish to fill the form in online, please ensure the form is printed and completed with a typewriter or with neat, legible writing using black ink.